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    * The undersigned hereby declares to fully accept the proposal for moving services and entrusts AGS KHZ International Movers to execute the move in accordance with the proposal.

    * The general conditions were made available to me, I have read them and I understand them.

    * I understand that the actual loaded volume may be higher or lower than the estimated volume. If the actual loading volume (or weight, if applicable) deviates from the estimated volume, then the base move price could be subject to a recalculation. Eventually, I never pay more volume than what is actually loaded.

    * I understand that for reasons of (international) regulation it may be necessary to store my personal information. I have read and understood the privacy statement on your website and I hereby grand you permission to use my personal data but only to enable you to provide the services in your proposal. It gives me a sense of security that I have the right to instruct AGS KHZ to remove my personal information at any time, and AGS KHZ will meet my request as soon as possible.


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    If the invoice is paid by a corporate client, please ask the person authorized to send us separately an e-mail from a corporate e-mail address where confirming to us that the employer formally agrees to the proposal and guarantees payment. If we do not receive this confirmation from the employer by e-mail, we will invoice the relocating person and the payment terms for a private paying customer will apply. If the invoice is paid by a business client, and a purchase order is required, please fill out the applicable number.

    * By clicking the send button I provide AGS KHZ the order for the move as quoted. I understand that clicking the send button replaces my original signature and makes this an official order.

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