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Cultural training for employees and children

Providing relocating employees with support on cultural training can substantially help them communicate and integrate effectively on their new assignment.

What is included:

  • Training 1-4 people per day in the office or at home (family)
  • Awareness on the differences between the culture in the home, versus the host country
  • How to be most effective in conducting business in the new country
  • Survey sent to HR with regards to the position of the staff member and what they expect from the staff member
  • Survey sent to the family to determine expectations and any special concerns
  • Tailor made programs versus off the shelf programs


  • Professionally run courses, catering for both business and social situations, designed around your employee’s needs

Contact for Relocation Services

We are here to help you with your corporate relocation services you can contact AGS Global Solutions – Netherlands at +31 (0)172-449977; netherlands@ags-globalsolutions.com or fill out the contact form.

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