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Do you own a pet? Of course we can move your pet as well! For a dog, or cat, a relocation can be stressful too. This is exactly why AGS Global Solutions – Netherlands will also provide special attention to your pet. In cooperation with renowned pet moving services we can provide you with first class moving assistance to relocate your Pluto, Felix, or any other pet, regardless of your final destination. In addition, we can provide you with information to make the relocation process with minimal stress to your pet.

From required documentation, to required vaccinations, please leave it all up to AGS Netherlands

Moving with pets

1. This family member needs some extra attention. Make sure to spoil your pet a little bit more during the stressful
removal period.
2. Find a temporary address for your pet during the actual removal day(s).
3. Transfer your pet last, so it can get used to the newly decorated home right away. Give your pet its own spot in the new
home as soon as possible.
4. Arrange necessary vaccinations for you pet on time. Keep copies of all registrations and vaccinations documents with
you. Make sure you are aware of the quarantine formalities in the country of destination.
5. It will be useful to have your pet wear data with your old and new address together with your (cell) phone number.
If your pet is registered, adjust this information in time: chip data, passport, pedigree data and address of your vet.
Do not forget to arrange a new vet in the country of destination, if necessary.
6. Please clean your cat litter & dog basket. You don’t want unpleasant smells in your container or removal truck.
7. Let your pet get used to the new home and surroundings before you let it outside alone,this to avoid that your pet will
run away.
8. Please find out in time whether your pet’s preferred meal will be available in the country of destination. If not,try to
find a good alternative.
9. If you take your pet with you on your regular flight,try to book a direct flight and do not feed it in advance. Your pet
can become travel sick, just like humans. Book your flight on time because an airline flight has a limited number of
animals they will take.
10. Are you not sure about a good outcome? Let AGS Netherlands arrange the transport of your pet. Professionals who will take
the stress out of your hands and know the right steps to take.


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