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International move from the USA to France

I feel the move went very well.  It was an exceptional crew.  Highly recommended.  There were a few broken items but nothing of high value or consequence.  Can’t thank you and your crew enough. We appreciated their adherence to good covid practices; it is difficult to breath through a mask when you are working hard.  Feel free to post our remarks on your website or other social media’s.

Bryan Streelman

Verhuizen naar Amerika
International move from the USA to France

Moving from the UK to Switzerland.

We moved with AGS Netherlands from the UK to Switzerland in December 2017.

It went very well. I was really pleased with the service from the crew.

They were very professional and cared about our needs.


Mr. Luis Romero

Verhuizen naar Engeland
Moving from the UK to Switzerland


From The Netherlands moving to Canada

Dear Nadia,

What a great team you sent us to box/load our belongings. They were so efficient, professional and hard working. Everything was well packed and loaded. It just went to prove that we chose a great company for our move.
We also appreciated the young woman of quality service checking up regularly to make sure that all was going well…I wrote her name down and I am upset with myself I can’t remember her name.
If everything gets there, and I am sure it will, we will definitely highly recommend you to other members of the Special Tribunal for Lebanon and any one else looking for reliable movers.

thank you and kind regards to all

Yves Roy and Suzanne Patry

emigreren naar canada
Moving to Canada


Move from Qatar to The Netherlands


We moved back from Qatar to The Netherlands at the end of December 2016. AGS Netherlands and their local partner were able to assist rapidly and to our total satisfaction with our move back home. The assistance and coordination done by AGS Netherlands resulted in a timely return of our personal belongings.

Chris Keevel

Move from Qatar to The Netherlands


International move from  Canada to The  Netherlands

AGS Netherlands helped us moving back from Toronto, Canada to the Netherlands. The preparation and the communication during the process until the delivery has been great. The movers did a great job. They were very friendly, accurate and helpfull. Keep up the good work.

Pieter Riley

emigreren naar canada
International move from Canada to The Netherlands


From The Netherlands to Singapore

AGS Netherlands helped with relocation from Netherland to Singapore on 1st September. All movers were super professional on packing and loading,very much friendly and following client’s request. I’ll definitely recommend AGS Netherlands to everyone who needs relocation service. Thanks a lot for all movers from yesterday and I would also absolutely use their service for my future relocation again.


verhuizen naar singapore
From The Netherlands to Singapore


International move from the USA to The Netherlands

This was my 1st international move in about 8 years, but AGS Netherlands were prompt, exactly on time as to when they said they would arrive, and to my surprise there was ZERO damage to my goods. With a move from the U.S. to NL, I wasn’t expecting it, especially since I’ve had damage using local movers and only within the same city. But, the moving employees were great and the company was extremely flexible since I had to wait a few more days than expected because of a move-in date change.

I would definitely use them again and I appreciate all of your help!

Very Respectfully/ Met vriendelijke groet,

Brian L. Gary

Verhuizen naar Amerika
International move from the USA to The Netherlands

All was perfect. Before, during and after followup. Professional, on time, pleasant to deal with and very efficient. We look forward to using AGS Netherlands again in the near future.

Thank you! Marina

Review removal

International move from the Netherlands to the United Kingdom

Dear all,

The move was PERFECT!!!!!! Thank you very much!!!
I am more than satisfied with the excellent service.

Apologies that I have not answered before, but work is very hectic.

Thanks a million,


International move from the Netherlands to the United Kingdom

Internationale verhuizing van Nederland naar Canada

My move was smooth and well organized by AGS Netherlands. I had to make a last minute change with the shipment and it only took 1 email message. They kept in contact with me regularly and when the delivery was scheduled everything went smooth. I wish everything would have been this smooth!


Internationale verhuizing van Nederland naar Canada

Internationale verhuizing van Amerika naar Nederland

Really excellent. They moved everything in, put most things together with only one or two small hiccups, did not try to conceal any damage but communicated it early on and thought through solutions. They were here the whole day. The office was great, helped me through the 90 different customs forms and made sure everything was updated and on time. Highly recommend!

Mrs Tobi

Internationale verhuizing van Amerika naar Nederland
Hi Jordan, 
Please find enclosed the evaluation form for my move. As you can see, I gave you guys a big 10 !!!
It was a perfect move. Nice movers and all the items arrived in 1 piece.
All was taken care of perfectly! My compliments.
I have mentioned your name on the Switzerlandforum (www.zwitserlandforum.nl). Let’s hope this will bring you more customers. 
Have a great weekend, 
Kind regards 
Marion from Laaz – Switzerland
Move to Switserland
At the end of November AGS Netherlands carried out removal from Amsterdam to Frankfurt. Conclusion: Fantastic! 
Why? The reason being that it has never gone this smoothly, quick and comfortably ( and I have moved several times!) During the proposal stage the Sales Manager had already given a lot of practical tips. After choosing AGS Netherlands you receive 1 main contact person, the move coordinator. He/she discusses all the details, such as the planning and regularly contacts you during the removal process to answer any questions and to ask how things are going. 
On the removal day the movers ( I had 4 of them) came to pack and load. Firstly, they did a walk through of the residence to check to see what was going and what was staying behind, and then straight to work. They did all the work and I pleasantly watched and sat around, which was quite strange. Working hard, but then working really hard, before you realise it everything is packed and loaded. The next day the removal truck arrived at my new residence earlier than I did. Of the 4 movers that packed and loaded, 2 of them came to Frankfurt, which was really efficient, due to the fact that they had disassembled numerous pieces of furniture so they knew how to assemble them without hesitation. There were 2 familiar faces and were assisted by one of German colleague. 
Again they were working hard and everything was where it was supposed to be in the shortest amount of time. It was really handy that the movers assembled and placed the furniture first, because then I could start with the unpacking. Unfortunately, my unpacking assistant fell ill, but there was a quick solution. After discussing this with AGS Netherlands and the movers, the movers stayed to assist me with the unpacking. AGS Netherlands indicated “no problem, it is part of the service”. 
This was great, by that afternoon, everything was unpacked, all my belongings were moved and I was box free and pretty much settled into my new home. As for my next removal? Definitely AGS Netherlands! 
P.S. Removal damage, well to be honest, there was something… a carton of couscous could not handle the pressure and burst… but that was all!
Ms. Sunni Holtman – De Nederlandsche Bank
Move to Frankfurt

Goedemorgen Caroline, 

Wederom onze absolute gemeende complimenten betreffende het verloop van de verhuizing in zowel Amsterdam als Monnickendam. 

Remco en zijn mannen waren stipt aanwezig en stelden, na een ontspannen overleg over de gang van zaken, een stuk vakmanschap ten toon waaruit blijkt dat kwaliteit loont ! In één woord: hulde, voor de bewezen organisatie en uitvoer !  

Rest mij nu jullie een fijne dag toe te wensen waarbij nogmaals onze complimenten voor de geleverde prestatie. Zoals Jordan reeds aangaf in eerdere correspondentie: fase 1 (en inmiddels 2 en 3) zijn voltooid, op naar de volgende stap in het traject ! 

Met vriendelijke groeten, 

Thijs de Liefde en Sabine Koreck – Amsterdam / Oostenrijk

Move to Austria
“Removals, they have to take place, it may not be too expensive, but it must be done by people that are the experts. I called AGS Netherlands, especially seeing that they do many international removals; they seemed to me to be the best party for the job. 
It has to be said, everything was arranged very well from A to Z. An excellent crew during the removal, great communication during the preparations and there was not a scratch on the walls! I can definitely recommend AGS Netherlands to handle your removal.”
Mr. Oren Schrijver – Dutch Musical Star, TV Host
A move of a musicalstar

Moving from The Hague to Canada

Dear Nadia and Marie,

I would like to thank both of you for having facilitated my international move with such ease. The goods were packed very well in The Hague, were delivered by the Ottawa team on time in and good order. You, on each side of the globe, responded to my many queries quickly and professionally.

I am very grateful for making this unique experience for me a comforting one.

I would and will recommend both of your organisations to my friends and colleagues.

Best regards

emigreren naar canada
Moving from The Hague to Canada


Moving from The Netherlands to Canada

This was the first time doing a big move from the Netherlands to Canada. From the start AGS Netherlands were very professional from the visit to gauge the amount of goods to be moved, to the packing crew who made sure everything was safe and secure and even showed up early for the least amount of disruption.
Also would like to thank Debby the point of contact for her professionalism and commitment to keeping us informed of our moves status. Would highly recommend using AGS Netherlands for all your moving needs.

Trevor Mann

KHZ Verhuizers
Moving from The Netherlands to Canada


Move from South Africa to The Netherlands

We never moved internationally before and was worried about how it must get done.
AGS Netherlands were very helpful since day one and explained the whole procedure from start to end in such great detail that we had no worries whatsoever. The move was extremely professional and was completed faster than we could ever have expected. We highly recommend AGS Netherlands and will definitely make use of them on our next move.

Trevor & Ilona du Plessis

emigreren naar zuid afrika
Move from South Africa to The Netherlands


Van Birmingham in de UK naar Nederland

AGS Netherlands helped us with a relocation from UK to the Netherlands. Everything went very smooth and efficient, communication was perfect and professional.

With 2 men, they packed and loaded our 3 bedroom house in 1 day only, they rescheduled their trip, so we could leave 1 day earlier than planned, which made our relocation very smooth and pleasant.

I would highly recommend them.



Removal from the UK to The Netherlands

International Move from Nairobi to Amsterdam

International Move from Nairobi to Amsterdam AGS Netherlands helped us with this move. They were an excellent crew. Friendly, super efficient. They unpacked everything and took all the rubbish away. I would highly recommend them.


International Move from Nairobi to Amsterdam

Internationale verhuizing van Singapore naar Nederland

Erg punctueel, vlot verloop van het leegruimen van de container met oog voor detail, alles werd keurig op zijn plek gezet en waar nodig en mogelijk ook geassembleerd.

Zeer nette afhandeling van zaken met uiterst vriendelijk en correct personeel!


 Peter Poot


Internationale verhuizing van Singapore naar Nederland

International move from Amsterdam to Japan

AGS Netherlands helped us with our recent move. They were great! Efficient, friendly, hard-working. It took less time than expected and I am totally happy with the job their Amsterdam team did at packing, crating, and loading all of our stuff. I would highly recommend their service to anyone needing a moving service. They went above and beyond what was expected.

Warren Apel

International move from Amsterdam to Japan

Move to USA

This company was contracted by my relocation coordinators. They showed up within the time range they said they would. They were very friendly and professional throughout their shift. It was amazing how fast they were able to pack my 2 bed 1.5 bath apartment. Everything was packed well and they were in and out within the estimated duration. Couldn’t have asked for more for my first professional pack and move experience!

Mr. Thonglyvong

Move to USA

Expat verhuizing van Nederland naar Praag.

So happy with AGS Netherlands and their partner AGS in Czech Republic !

They supplied an excellent service for us due our move from The Netherlands to Czech Republic last week. These guys really know that an emigration is more than packing some goods and they did supply a full service from house to house . Also they provide us with special boxes / presents for our 2 kids Lotte and Thijs as a movement has a deep impact on children.

Regards from,

Family van den Berg Barendrecht NL now living in Pitkovice CZ

Piratendoos voor Kinderen 2
Expat verhuizing van Nederland naar Praag


Internationale verhuizing

Op zoek naar een professioneel verhuisbedrijf dat mijn kostbare spullen van Nederland naar Penang in Maleisië van deur tot deur kon vervoeren zonder dat ik belast wordt met de papieren rompslomp ben ik bij AGS Netherlands terechtgekomen, en een betere keuze had ik niet kunnen maken, vanaf het allereerste contact met Jordan en Esmé, het daarop volgende gesprek aan huis, daarna het ophalen van mij spullen, transport naar Maleisië, en tot slot het afleveren van mijn spullen hier aan huis in Penang, alles perfect en zeer professioneel geregeld inclusief alle douane-formaliteiten.
Hartelijk dank voor de gehele verhuizing zowel in Nederland en hier in Maleisië.

Piet Beurskens

Internationale verhuizing van Nederland naar Maleisië
“Dear Mr. Van Zutphen, 
Firstly, I would like to wish you and your colleagues, whom I have spoken with frequently, a very Happy New Year. Initially the removal truck was supposed to leave the day after Christmas, however this ended up being one day later due to customs. The movers were on route for 2 days, about 800km, and arrived on the 29th of December at about 10:00 a.m. Multiple boxes had been opened by the customs authorities and most of the boxes were the originals and did not have AGS Netherlands marked on them. 
This shipment was physically examined by the customs authorities and luckily there were no detrimental consequences. 
We are extremely glad that we did not need to pay 2000 euro extra for import taxies and duties, like one of my colleagues experienced that did not move through AGS Netherlands. Only a few boxes were dented and after opening them there were no damages to be seen. Peter, one of your employees, had filled in the lists accurately, that there was no need to open all the boxes. I think everything has arrived quite well. Your movers did a precise and careful packing job. 
Well that is my story until now. We are satisfied with AGS Netherlands and we will definitely, when opportunity appears, tell others our story. 
Thanks again for your very professional approach and thank all of AGS Netherlands.”
Cor, Rahayu en Giorgio Wals – Indonesia
Move to Indonesia
“AGS Netherlands brought out an offer for our move to Canada in 2004. Despite of the very professional impression they made, I eventually selected a less professional (budget) removal company with an offer that was about Euro 500,– lower.
This was a mistake. From day one communication failed, I had to explain who I was every time I called them. On the removal day, they did not bring enough boxes and in Canada they made us wait unnecessary for two weeks because apparently they had put a wrong name on the packing list. On top of that our container had a hole in the roof and when we opened it at destination, a lot of boxes were wet and mattresses covered with mould! It took us 7 months of blood, sweat & irritation to get our damage claim settled with an (also hard to reach) insurance company. This year me & my family moved back to The Netherlands but this time we DID use AGS Netherlands. Although I probalby was a hard to please customer, they made it an unforgettable experience, in a positive way!
We would like to thank AGS Netherlands for our regained trust in international moving. In two years we will probably be moving to China and we are already looking forward to the movers Ad, Nico and Berend”.Guido de Laat, Uden 2008 

Guido de Laat, Uden 2008

Move to Canada

”Dear AGS Netherlands,
I want to tell you that the crew that went to get my professional gear on 17 okt and the crew that went to get my household goods from Hilversum in late July, both did an efficient packing and everything arrived in perfect condition.  It is no wonder you have a contract with the U.S. government, they look for quality and your company has quality. Congratulations on your service.”

Thank you,

Orlando Gallardo, Jr.


Great move with AGS Netherlands

Dear AGS Netherlands Team,

Your firm was not worthy of scoring 5 points on the critique I had to sign,it was 6 all the way if there had been another block to cross off.

My wife and I have just had lunch with John and Marco,we could not have thanked them enough. Everything went perfectly.


Steve and Petra McPadden.

From Germany to Scotland

This is the third time we moved with AGS Netherlands in 5 years time and the smile on our face is saying more than words. Another excellent moving experience!


Familie Willemsen – Alphen aan den Rijn

For the 3rd time in 5 years moved with AGS Netherlands

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