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Moving with children

For children, relocating can be a stressful and nervous experience. They will have a new school, another residence, and hopefully a lot of new friends. Good preparation and awareness of anxieties during the removal process are to be kept in mind at all times. All of this you can leave to AGS Global Solutions – Netherlands.

We will ensure that your children look back at relocating as a good experience. We will provide a coloring page and also a welcome surprise to educate and make the experience of moving of more interest to your child. In addition, we will actively involve your child(ren) in the removal process.

Your children can sort their own items and we will provide them with a special AGS Netherlands Children Removal box to assist them in the process of their future location of their most favorite toys. The Children Removal box will be loaded in the container or truck last and thus at destination unloaded first.

10 tips when moving with kids!

Make moving Childs play

  1. Inform your child in time about the upcoming removal. It needs time to get used to the idea of moving. The moment you decided to move, you already spent quite a few hours of doubt and reflections. Your child will need this time as well.
  2. Start in time to look for schools, clubs, etc. Are you moving abroad? Via AGS Netherlands, you can contact a Relocation agency for assistance.
  3. Take time regularly to ask your child how he or she is experiencing the whole removal process. Act on negative signals.
  4. Introduce the move itself to your child in a positive way. Most likely your child will copy your positive feeling.
  5. Give your child a chance to say “farewell” to the neighborhood you are about to leave behind. Walk through your neighborhood with your child and feel free to take pictures. Discuss with your child what you are leaving behind, but do not forget to mention the new BIG room, new friends, new school, etc.
  6. If possible, take your child on a holiday to the new country first, so he or she can meet with and acclimatize to the new environment in a relaxed setting.
  7. Arrange a farewell party. Let your child invite all friends and do not forget Grandma and Grandpa. Ask everyone to leave their e-mail address and for example their MSN, Skype and/or Facebook details, so that the contact will remain.
  8. We recommend you leave your child with relatives or friends. Research shows that this causes less stress than being present during the move and it prevents the movers from accidentally tripping over your child.
  9. Ask for the special ”AGS Netherlands children removal box” and let your child pack his/her favorite Teddy Bear & other personal stuff. When the doors of the removal truck or container open at destination, the first thing your child sees is his/ her own removal box.
  10. Ask at AGS Netherlandsfor the book called “AGS Netherlands International Kids”. Your child learns in a playful and educational way to deal with the relocation.