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A. van Leeuwenhoeksweg 50, 2408 AN Alphen aan den Rijn   


    KHZ International Movers BV (legal name), A. van Leeuwenhoekweg 50, 2408 AN Alphen aan den Rijn,

    to act as direct representative in the name and for the account of Principal in conformity with Article 18, and further, of the Union Customs Code (Regulation no. 952/2013/EU), in all matters pertaining to customs formalities upon import, transit or export, required by Dutch law or EU regulations, of any merchandise shipped or consigned by or to the Principal. Principal indemnifies AGS KHZ Movers from and against all damages, claims or other expenses, unless caused by design or gross neglect on the part of the company or its supervisory employees.

    This power of attorney includes the authorization to:
    - lodge requests for repayment/remission of import taxes, lodge objections or appeals against customs
    assessments or any other decision from customs authorities;
    - to directly receive refunds of import taxes as a result of above mentioned requests or appeals.

    Principal is obliged to keep, during a period of 7 years, a copy of the documents and records provided by him/it pertaining to each declaration.

    This authorization may be cancelled/revoked in writing, in due observance of a term of one month.



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    Principal herewith grants a continuing power of attorney to and orders against consideration

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