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Ineke Hulsbos – Sales Team Leader at KHZ Movers

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Ineke Hulsbos – Sales Team Leader at KHZ Movers

Ineke Hulsbos

ExpatFinder had the chance to speak with Mrs. Ineke Hulsbos, the sales team leader of KHZ Movers, a large international removal company in The Netherlands. Having worked in the company for eight years and liaised with so many clients directly, Mrs. Hulsbos said that KHZ’s personal approach to identifying the most relevant solutions makes all the difference. Some ways that KHZ shows its dedication towards customers include tight quality control even during peak periods, on-site visits upon request and provision of in-house insurance.


Company: KHZ Movers

Category: Moving services

Established since: 1977

Geographical coverage: Global


Q: When did you enter the industry, and when was your company created? How big has your team and clientele grown since?

A: KHZ was founded in 1977 and ever since our company has grown enormously. From a three staff office to a multinational in four decades with some of the finest clientele served by a highly motivated staff of 150+.  I started working at KHZ in 2008 as a move coordinator and have since then worked my way up to my current position of Sales Team Leader.


Q: What makes your company different from other international moving companies?

A: The difference lies in the little things. We don’t do magic here but we breath personal attention and involvement. Being there for our clients and deliver beyond expectations is all it takes to be a winner.


Q: How involved are you in the moving process of your customers?

A: From the first call to unpacking of the last box, I am the main point of contact for my clients. I help them from scratch with making informed decisions to solving problems when they arise. People don’t call KHZ, they call Ineke.


Q: What are some challenging jobs that you undertake and how do you handle them?

A: Everybody wants to move in the summer (holiday period) and that always means keeping more plates in the air than one thinks one can handle. Every year, I pull it off without keeping customers waiting or making errors. My secret is simple, just work harder when you must. Work hard, play hard!


Q: What are the key factors you take into account when you send a quote to your customers?

A: We feel a quote should reflect not what we want to offer, but what the client really needs. Therefore, we always make a call with the client and discuss the contents of our quote before sending it. We want to be sure the customer is not surprised with what we are sending.


Q: What are the occasions when you need to survey the items that will be moved?

A: Firstly, when a client thinks we should, we will. Even sometimes when it’s just a small move. Despite adapting to the digital age, we still receive customers’ appreciation when we take the time to meet in person. It helps our customer to feel comfortable with the idea of giving it all in our hands.


Q: What are your company’s policy when it comes to insurance, damage, and loss claims?

A: Our mission is, quite simply; to ensure that every single move is handled with the greatest possible quality and care. KHZ Movers has, therefore, accumulated all the expertise and experience that the firm needs in the field of trouble-free removals. Insurance is a crucial component of this process. KHZ Movers has developed its own form of insurance, as an extension to the General terms and Conditions. While we, naturally, hope that our customers will not need to make any insurance claim, should they do so, however, we remain at their service to handle the claim in the most meticulous and customer-focused manner.


Q: What advice would you give to clients looking to move internationally?

A:  Our best advice is there is always someone willing to do it cheaper but that won’t make it better!


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