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Moving from the Netherlands to Curaçao: What You Need to Know

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Planning a move from the Netherlands to the vibrant shores of Curaçao? In this comprehensive guide, you’ll learn everything you need to know about the move, and why AGS Global Solutions Netherlands is your ideal partner in this exciting journey. From the research phase through to settling into your new island life, we’ve got you covered with insider tips to ensure you’re fully prepared for the changeover.

The process of moving to Curaçao

Because Curaçao forms part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, it’s less complicated to move there as Dutch citizen. You will still need a residency permit, however. To be eligible for a residence permit, known locally as a sedula, you simply need to provide proof of employment or sufficient financial means (such as a pension)

You will also need a certificate of good conduct (VOG) from Justis, the Dutch government’s screening authority, along with several other documents. It’s important to do thorough research and consult the Caribbean immigration department before your application.

The cost of living in Curaçao vs the Netherlands

The cost of living in Curaçao is generally more affordable than in the Netherlands, but it can still be quite expensive compared to other Caribbean islands. Housing costs are the main expense, with prices varying depending on location, availability, and amenities. For example, renting a one-bedroom apartment in Willemstad, the island’s capital, may cost around $750 to $1200 monthly, while in Amsterdam, the price could range from €1200 to more than €2000.

Grocery and restaurant prices in Curaçao are higher as many products are imported, which incurs additional shipping and importation costs. Utility bills, particularly electricity and water, are significantly higher as well due to the island’s reliance on desalination plants and imported oil for power. However, transportation costs like owning a car can be more affordable in Curaçao due to lower annual road taxes and the absence of hefty vehicle importation tariffs imposed in the Netherlands.

Before moving, it’s crucial to budget wisely and establish a solid financial plan. The table below compares the typical cost of living between the Netherlands and Curaçao as of January 2024. Note, the prices shown are an average across the country and may vary according to the proximity to the city centre.

Accommodation The Netherlands Curaçao
One-bedroom Apartment in City Centre €1340 €570
One-bedroom Apartment Outside of Centre €1065 €447
Three-bedroom Apartment in City Centre €2105 €1244
Three-bedroom Apartment Outside of Centre €1635 €930
Markets The Netherlands Curaçao
Milk (1 litre) €1 €2
Dozen Eggs €4 €3
Chicken Breasts (1kg) €14 €7
Bottle of Wine (Mid-Range) €6 €10
Restaurants The Netherlands Curaçao
Cappuccino €3 €3
Coca-Cola (330ml) €3 €2
Meal for 2 at a mid-range restaurant (3-course) €70 €76
Local Draught (500ml) €5 €3
Utilities and Transportation The Netherlands Curaçao
Basic Utilities (Electricity, Heating, Cooling, Water, Garbage) €221 €188
Mobile Phone Monthly Plan (Calls and 10GB Data) €23 €73
Fuel (1 litre) €2 €1
Monthly Transportation Pass €79 €47
Childcare The Netherlands Curaçao
International Primary School for 1 child (Yearly) €7312 €10995


Climate and culture in Curaçao

Cas Abao: Climate and Culture in Curaçao

The climate in Curaçao is one of the island’s most appealing features, especially when contrasted with the weather in the Netherlands. Curaçao enjoys a warm, tropical savanna climate year-round, with temperatures ranging from 25-32 degrees Celsius (77-90 degrees Fahrenheit).

Curaçao also has a rich and diverse culture influenced by its African, European, and Caribbean roots. This diversity is reflected in the island’s music, art, and festivals. Dutch, Papiamentu, and English are the official language – with Papiamentu being the lingua franca among locals – creating a captivating Creole mix.

Cultural celebrations, like Carnival and the Curaçao International Film Festival Rotterdam showcase the island’s love for vibrant displays, community events, colourful parades, music, and dance, which are less common in the Netherlands.

Sustainable and affordable furniture options in Curaçao

AGS Netherlands' ShopnShip Service - Shop in the Netherlands, Ship to Europe

Considering Curaçao’s humid climate, maintaining items like leather furniture can be challenging due to increased moisture, making them prone to mildew and mould. To protect these items, ensure good ventilation and consider using dehumidifiers. When choosing furniture and decor for your Curaçao home, popular furniture choices include teak wood, wicker and rattan, eco-friendly bamboo, aluminium and wrought iron, all favoured for their ability to withstand heat, humidity, and sea air.

There are a limited number of furniture stores on the island, but there’s a well-established second-hand furniture market which offers a variety of affordable and more sustainable interior design options. These pre-owned goods align well with the tropical climate and showcase the island’s diverse taste.

Another viable option for furnishing your new home in Curaçao is utilising the services of AGS Global Solutions’ ShopnShip service. This service allows you to shop at your favourite online stores in the Netherlands, or any other place across Europe, and have your items shipped directly to your Curaçao address.

With competitive shipping rates and the convenience of door-to-door delivery, AGS Global Solutions can significantly expand your choices in home furnishings and decor. Choosing AGS Global Solutions’ ShopnShip service not only offers reduced waiting times but also peace of mind, as our team assists in clearing your purchases through customs, minimising the hassle of paperwork, and facilitating a smoother acquisition of your desired items.

Adjusting to island Life

Moving from the Netherlands to Curaçao involves adapting to a slower pace and embracing a more laid-back, socially effervescent lifestyle. You may encounter some cultural differences and potential language barriers, but the friendly and welcoming nature of the people of Curaçao will help ease your transition.  As you settle in, you’ll discover a thriving expat community that can offer support and guidance as you navigate your new home.

Move to Curaçao with AGS Netherlands

If you’re ready for a change, transporting your belongings to Curaçao can be made significantly more affordable with AGS Global Solutions Netherlands’ Consolidated Shipping service. Designed for expats with smaller loads, consolidated shipping allows you to share container space with other Curaçao-bound expats to reduce moving costs. This economical service ensures your belongings are handled with care and professionalism throughout the shipping process.

Whether it’s furniture, personal items, or vehicles, AGS’ expertise in international relocations provides peace of mind, giving you the assurance that your possessions will safely arrive in Curaçao, ready for you to start your next chapter.

Contact AGS Global Solutions Netherlands today to get your free quote.

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